We are a team of young and vibrant techies filled with loads of passion for what we do. We are proud workaholics who drink a little too much coffee and believe in power naps.

Tech Lead (US)

Dolapo Olisa

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Core team

Got my start in IT as a Quality Assurance Analyst. Infact, I used to despise computers but once I got deep into programming and saw the power at my finger tips, a marriage was born. From QA, I moved into build/release engineering where my primary role was to make the lives of the engineers at my company a wee bit easier. I automated everything that I could lay my hand on. In the process without formal education, I learn the patterns of programming. Where to put your variables, how to write easy to read code, how to make your code testable, how to split functions into units, etc. Now, I am a full fledge software engineer and I am confident in my ability to pick up any technology quickly. I am developing a mastery of c# and with the advent of AWS, venturing ever deeper into the linux world has been particularly challenging and engaging. As a team lead however, my simple goal has been creating an environment for the team members to thrive. I have a strong reminder of the frustrating things that has hindered me as an individual contributor and my goal is to get out of the way of my team so they can soar doing what they love. Infecting clients, and the users they serve with the passion they have for what they do.



Legal Advisor / Content Writer

Levine Balogun

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Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Excel

Senior Software Developer

Emeka Osuagwu

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Operations Lead

Yewande Akerele

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Communications Lead

Grace Akinosun

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Our mutual desire to change the world through cutting edge programming techniques is what keeps us together. Occasionally we try to listen to our mothers and know when to pull an all nighter and when to catch 40 winks.

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