How Many Pages Should Your New Business Website Have?

Starting a new business and creating a website beg a lot of questions. Asides the design made for your business model, you get concerned on how to generate traffic to your new website. Frequently, you hear yourself say: “Run ads”, but then you say “I can’t run ads forever”, so you’ll rather keep releasing contents”. […]

WooCommerce vs Shopify: How to build an eCommerce/online store

More consumers would preferable shop through an eCommerce store, than from a traditional one, according to Shopify’s eCommerce industry report. With more internet penetration in Africa, and other parts of the world, more eCommerce stores are emerging. Asides giants such as Amazon and a few others who have built a very strong reputation as merchant […]

6 best web hosting companies in 2018

Companies and businesses that rely on their websites to reach and service their customers, require a web hosting service, which is different from the website itself. A web hosting service works like an office space, on the internet, and it requires maintenance as a real office space would.  There are dozens of web hosting companies, […]

Debugging: How to fix your WordPress website bugs and errors

Assume you had a bookstore that opens up in the new week, only to welcome the first client with an unhinged door and damaged roof … Of course, your client gets the wrong impression about you and finds the next available bookstore. This is what occurs, when your website develops bugs and visitors are unable to […]

How B2B startups can leverage Facebook Ads

Businesses and social media are two inconceivable tools.Facebook as a tool has provided boundless opportunities for businesses, not just to connect and interact with their customers, but also with businesses within and outside their industry. Finding other businesses within your niche, requires your availability and visibility, which can be enhanced by running specific Facebook ads, […]

How to build a software development team for your startup

Starting up a business is a crucial and important task, and even more important is the early stages of that business. To build a lasting and successful business, there is more to it than just the business idea and business plan, you have to be consciously aware as a startup manager or team leader that […]

How to increase your website’s Google ranking

With the right content and a well set up SEO tactic, your website stands the chance of ranking so well  on search engines (Google’s listing pages for instance), when potential users search for related content. However,  content and SEO aren’t enough for you to rank higher on Google. There are other  factors that contribute to […]

7 Social Media Metrics You Should Pay Attention To

Social media is incredibly useful in growing your business reach, and staying in touch with the latest trends that influences your market. However, in the world of social media, trends changes quickly. As such it’s easy to get lost in a lot of “metric” that you should track to stay on top of your game.But […]

5 Digital Skills Every Startup Needs on Its Team

Transforming an idea into a business takes a lot of effort, determination, business know-how, right tools, and basic skills. Skills are the real tools of any business, most importantly startups. They are really what makes a business profitable, and also durable. Since many startups fail in the early years, here are five very important digital skills, […]

Steps to Building a Mobile App for Your Business

Running a business is known to be one of the steepest learning curves. You adopt skills you never imagined having, learn answers to questions you don’t fully understand, while keeping your mental well-being and looking for new ways to make money. Your business may be at the stage where you need a mobile app, to […]