Could wearable spy cameras mitigate the harassment of SARS on Nigeria’s tech talents?

The recurring harassment of young Nigerians in tech by Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) isn’t set to decline yet–rather it’s getting worse by the day at such an alarming rate. There have been several stories (on and off the internet) of physical harassment, extortion, kidnapping, and unlawful arrest of young Nigerians by this group of policemen […]

Features to seriously consider when buying a phone

There are claims that approximately 1.5 billion smartphones are bought yearly. Of the 1.5 billion, about 70% of them are assumed to be Android phones. Irrespective of the kind, some features are crucial and have to be considered thoroughly when you want to buy a phone. They are: Screen and Display Most phones come in […]

5 marketing tips for launching your mobile app

There are over 2 billion smartphone users in the world, so it is no surprise that the mobile app market is continuously booming and with no signs of stopping in the near future. Businesses are taking their operations to the next level by going online and then even further by making their products and services […]

What Stats Show Us About Mobile App Trends in Q4, 2018

Mobile apps are being put to use every day by consumers; to play games, connect with friends, order food, send money and so much more. Business-wise, they have become important channels for enterprises and organisations that seek better communication with their customers. In early 2017, mobile apps have grown to account for about half of […]

5 Tips to Effectively Handle Your Tech Team

A common management problem people encounter with developers is relying on the assumption that great developers equal excellent product delivery. Yet, even the dream team of the most stolid professionals cannot conduct a mind probe to understand just precisely what you want. Since there is no place for vagueness or ambiguity during a tech project, […]