Costly Mistakes Tech Founders Should Avoid in Team Building

Giant tech companies today usually serve as a reference point for potential tech founders. But as organized and successful these tech companies appear, they didn’t just developed from their seed stage to a big shot in the tech ecosystem. They all started small and scaled gradually. The scaling often involves lots of hard work committed […]

5 Tips to Effectively Handle Your Tech Team

A common management problem people encounter with developers is relying on the assumption that great developers equal excellent product delivery. Yet, even the dream team of the most stolid professionals cannot conduct a mind probe to understand just precisely what you want. Since there is no place for vagueness or ambiguity during a tech project, […]

Technical Hiring: A Techie Hiring Guide For A Non-Techie Founder

Finding workers is a reasonably conventional procedure. Unfortunately, when looking for workers with technological skills such as back-end and front-end skills for mobile applications, websites and other technological services and products, the procedure becomes anything but conventional. For beginners, many business owners may lack the technical skills necessary to either correctly explain the job required […]