Writing your first post — a brief guide

You’ve set up your blog and now it’s time to write that first post. You sit in front of your computer, and then nothing. Most new writers underestimate the effort it takes to write a 500-1000-word article and this creates problems; procrastination, creative block, failure. The key to resolving this is good planning. Here is […]

5 Best Tools To Skyrocket Your SEO Performance

Developing an SEO (Search engine optimisation) technique is not a new thing for businesses, but quite a few still get the basic principles wrong and eventually pay a price in the highly competitive digital space. So for anyone eager to rank better on search engines, your business needs to take SEO more seriously. With effective […]

Bad UX Can Ruin your Online Business: Check out How

From onboarding new users through very long sign up forms, non-responsiveness of websites, to poorly created information architectures, a bad user experience (UX) can lead to a negative brand perception of an online business. According to a 2016 study by Forrester, a well-designed user experience could boost your conversion rate by up to 400%. Hence, […]