Beginner’s Guide To Optimising Your Website Speed

Website speed is necessary if you want to grow in online business. It will be helpful in generating leads, increasing sales and eventually growing your business.   It’s okay to have a  beautiful-looking website. However,  it also needs to be load quickly and work faultlessly. A slow loading website not only turns off potential visitors, […]

Hot Programming Skills Foreign Companies Are Hunting From Africa

The demand for African software developers by foreign recruiters, CTOs, CEOs, etc. continues to rise, as African recruitment experts have reported that request influx for developers seems to be greater in the Western world. According to a report by Modis, the number of tech employment opportunities is expected to increase by 12% by 2024, which […]

How to Position Yourself as an African Programmer for Foreign Gigs

Now that you feel confident about your skills as a competent, African programmer, you may be ready to take yourself to the next stage — making your skills attractive to foreign companies thereby landing international gigs. Here are some tips, that would definitely make you, as an African programmer, open to foreign attraction.

How to Land Foreign Gigs Without Cold-Calling or Marketing as an African Programmer

The world is getting digitized at an amazingly fast rate. Although Africa is lagging behind, the continent isn’t completely out of the loop. Tech hubs and coding programs across Africa have become increasingly popular, leading to more opportunities for the population at large and serving as a leveraging ground for the under-educated sect. But with […]

The Rise of Software Developers in Africa

A quick overview of Africa’s tech industry Technology is playing a vital role in the transitioning of Africa from the sidelines of the global economy into the mainstreams. A team of experts from different African countries once stated “only technological development holds the key for a much-desired transformation in Africa.” This is true in every […]

5 Most Relevant Programming Languages Every 21st Century Developer Should Know

As trends constantly change in our social community, so also do trends change in our tech community, most especially in the areas of computer programming and software development. There are certainly many programming languages in the software development ecosystem, but here are are the top five most relevant programming languages, that would makes you not […]

Improving Your Communication Skills as a Software Developer

When you think of a skilled software developer, what often comes to mind is a nerd, punching lines of code and dealing with many programming languages. Certainly, knowing how to code (and being really good at it) is the fundamental prerequisite of a being a software developer. But there’s a highly crucial necessity that many […]