Where to hire Nigerian programmers — an extensive list of companies to work with

In today’s digital world, for your business organisation to stay competitive, it must engage in software development. This will help bring about a breakthrough solution that’ll give clients great delight and increase operational performance. Hiring a skilled and competent software developer could be a daunting task, especially for non-tech recruiters. In this article, we’ll show […]

How parallax scrolling effects shoot up your visitors retention by 250%

When it comes to scrolling websites, users are habituated to scroll right to the end of the page, in the quest to get all available information. ⁣In time past, websites are designed in such a way that scrolling is kept to a minimum — what appears to you as immediately you open a web page […]

Prototypes: creating your website visuals without coding

The first thing that comes with taking your business online is a website. A website allows you to document all your services and showcase your products to many customers who need information about what you do. It is the first place people go to learn more about your business, it is your communication tool with […]

Validate Your Startup Idea with Less than $1,000

Before we dive into tips that will help you validate your startup idea on a $1000 budget, it is important to understand what an MVP is, why you need one and pitfalls to avoid when building it. Having this knowledge will help you save time and money building a product liable to fail in the […]

What Stats Show Us About Mobile App Trends in Q4, 2018

Mobile apps are being put to use every day by consumers; to play games, connect with friends, order food, send money and so much more. Business-wise, they have become important channels for enterprises and organisations that seek better communication with their customers. In early 2017, mobile apps have grown to account for about half of […]

These are the Digital Skills You Need for Your Software Development Project

As a software developer, building projects go beyond writing codes and applying algorithms. Besides your supercool tech skills, you shouldn’t underestimate the fact that digital technology plays a vital role in today’s virtual world,  and the software industry is no exception. For the sake of your career and to remain relevant in a rapidly changing […]

How To Build A Mobile-Based Business

“Mobile” is no longer an emerging concept. It’s here and from all indication, the world of mobile has come to stay — the upshoot we’ve seen lately, in the adoption of mobile apps corroborates that. The irony however is, “mobile” is supposed to make things simple. On the contrary, knowing when, where and how to […]