How to be a successful content creator in Nigeria

The current rate of unemployment in the contemporary Nigerian society has risen to an alarming 24.1% according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), this stat has revolutionised the workforce. Youths have turned to entrepreneurship, freelancing and other means to meet their never-ending needs. Fortunately, the advent of the new media brought several opportunities to […]

Writing your first post — a brief guide

You’ve set up your blog and now it’s time to write that first post. You sit in front of your computer, and then nothing. Most new writers underestimate the effort it takes to write a 500-1000-word article and this creates problems; procrastination, creative block, failure. The key to resolving this is good planning. Here is […]

Lead Magnet: What it is and Why Your Website Needs One

A lead magnet is an incentive that marketers offer to potential buyers for their email addresses or other contact information, usually in form of a digital / downloadable content, such as free PDF checklist, statistical reports, ebooks, whitepapers, videos, etc. Lead magnets are one of the most effective and multi-purpose digital marketing tools that enable […]